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Stephanies first (real) show!

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 6:20 pm    Post subject: Stephanies first (real) show! Reply with quote

I thought I would try and keep with the updating of the site a little more often when I've got something useful to say. Well, I thought I would give a little 'pat on the back' so to speak to Stephanie. She never really looks at 'Dads web site' these days, I don't think it comes under the same 'cool' light as facebook etc..!. Anyways, to say she made me a proud father last night would be an understatement!

If you don't already know - she is doing a Performing Arts course over at Burton Collage and last night was her first stage performance outside of the collage practice halls. This time it was at the Burton Brew House theatre and arts centre.

The performances were several short sketches over two nights, each being directed by the 2nd year course students, with the performers from the 1st year (Stephanie's year). It included pieces ranging from Mrs Doubtfire to Saw!, so a complete mix-up of styles and content!

Stephanie managed to get the the lead role in a piece based on the film Monster which, in turn, is about the life of one Americas 1st woman serial killer, Aileen Carol Wuornos. The piece was a 20 minute 'burst' of this woman's life, from childhood (done with a short picture flick and voice over), through to her first conviction for murder as a result of being raped! To say it was a powerful piece would be an understatement! Yes - there was coarse language (bit of stomach churner that seeing your daughter 'effing' and cussing!!) and yes, there were strong suggestive actions with respect of the rape scene, but she pulled it off brilliantly!

We both (Mum and I) sat there quite glowing when the show ended and hearing the others in the audience compliment how good 'she was in Monster' and, although we sat there calmly, we wanted to jump up and cheer!

So there you go, on the way to possible stardom (could I be bias here??)

Big Hugs!
Mum & Dad.
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