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MV1000 Video Server

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, 2003 11:28 pm    Post subject: MV1000 Video Server Reply with quote

Got one, its's giving me AGG just setting the basics......set an IP after finding a console lead that worked. Was sceptical about IE6 on XPPro and so set it up on a W98 box with IE5(Connectix Virtual Machine).....tried a couple of cameras. Picture is kak, poor res, lots of raster going on......don't know how to access the full admin features.......have very little on the server page with the Cam1 to Cam6 other than the refresh rate..should there be more.....

and about a thousand more questions. In the quick look I took at your pic, there was only a LAN connection and no cam connected it looked.

Are you 'in command' of yours, because mine is taking the p*ss right out of me at the mo.

This has to change. PS Where did u get yours,was it a guy called Tim ? I have wondered if I need to give it back to him!!
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2004 4:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Still got mine - its up and running although not 'fully loaded' yet. I've only got the one cam connected to it so far.

I got mine from a friend off the UKHA_D yahoo list (he bought two - only needed one - sold me other Smile)

I have found that the web interface is a bit ropey at the best of times - it seems to work better by capturing still images from it rather than watching live streams, but again - watch them 'directly' not by the built in web pages. Theres a note in the manuals that tells you what URL's to use if you want still or streamed images.

Build your own web page that has <a href> links that go get the pictures your after - that way you can set a page refresh tag up that keeps reloading the page.

Other than that - the only other problem I had was to keep getting it to 'rescan for camers'. This tended to halt the thing while it rescanned - best connect everything up 'know' it works and shut that off.

(oh I did have a thick one - I turned on the pan / tilt / zoom option - didnt give it another thought till weeks later when we had a powercut and the damb thinkg didnt reboot!!)

Other than that - for 50.00 instead of 1000 odd - its a dip the toe type thing rather than a 'bank security' option at the mo. Again if you look for the Axis solutions they work out more expensive than that!

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